Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Days that are busier are easier when you are alone. You aren’t constantly reminded that you are alone when there are things you need to do. I’m not really alone. I have another girl who lives here and the host family that I could talk to but I feel very alone inside. (No, I am not being an emo kid and going to wear all black) I know that my family is always with me and I am in their thoughts but it is hard being here sometimes alone.

My friend and I went to school this afternoon and ate lunch since it is free for the whole month of September even on the weekends. We had marinated green beans, goat cheese, pork cooked in a tomato sauce, carrots and peas and then coffee éclairs. Everything was very good and beat the sandwich I would have eaten if I would have been back at my host house. After that I walked to the grocery store. I got some snacks and cereal and something other than water to drink. FINALLY!

I have yet to get my computer fixed. Places are not open late on the weekends and by the time I get out of school they are already closed for the day. I am going to attempt to call a store today before I lug my computer all around town trying to find somewhere.

I am going to spend the rest of the day in my pajamas (very unfrench) watching American movies (also very unfrench). Just spending a lazy Saturday like I would if I were at home.

One of the main things I have learned about the French is that they are a much more relaxed people in general than Americans are. They walk slower, take more time for dinner, take much longer lunch breaks, (my host dad was home for 3 hours for lunch and had time to take a nap) and just enjoy life at a slower pace. I think Americans could learn a lot from the French. Maybe this more relaxed lifestyle is a big reason as to why they are all so skinny. Although the French could learn some things from the Americans as well like being more friendly or smiling more in general.

The only thing that the French do not to slow is eat. They allow a long time for dinner and sit at the table for a long time since there are so many courses but they eat whatever is on their plate as fast as they can. I have yet to ever be done eating any course before anyone else. Even when I speed eat or don’t eat everything on my plate. I am a slow eater in general but the French definitely win the trophy for being the fastest eaters.

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