Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exciting Weekend

Things have been crazy here yet again which makes my blogs only come every couple days. 
Thursday - not very exciting.  My teacher got to school an hour later than he should have so we all just sat there when we could have been in bed sleeping. (My favorite thing)  For lunch we had baked breaded chicken breast which I was so excited to see.  I went to the bank and opened a French bank account which only took 2 hours.  If I was at home it would have taken more like 20 minutes.  People here have no sense of hurry what so ever.  Everyone just goes at their own pace and works slow and takes all the time they want.  Sometimes I need to be American and hurry!  Crepes for dinner and ice cream for dessert – YUM!  I still haven’t been sleeping great at this point.
Friday – Every Friday the school serves fish for lunch and I am not a fan of fish unless it comes in the form of sticks.  Two of my friends and I walked to a nearby pasta place which we have named “Pasta box” because they serve their pasta in large Chinese takeout containers.  I got the carbonara and ate the entire thing.  Then I felt like I weighed 1000 pounds on the walk back to school but it was worth it.  We got back to school and found out we were watching a movie so we all left.  My friend Courtney and I came to my house, got in bed and slept for an hour and a half.  (Yay!  My first nap since being here!)  I also finally received my luggage from home and a care package from my mama.  She’s the best.  It had delicious homemade caramel corn and all my favorite American treats!!!  Thanks mama!!!  Later that evening we had a field trip to an amusement park called Puy de Fou but we saw a show there.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  It was a light, water, firework, posing, acting, animal, and musical show all in one. (Cameras not working right now but pictures to come)  Normally I am not a theatre person at all but this was amazing.  I think I even teared up a little.  Definitely not normal for me during a play.  The amazing play also made me miss my family and boyfriend a whole lot more because I wish they would have been there to see it with me.  I know that they all would have enjoyed it.  We didn’t get back home until 3am the next day!!!
Saturday – I thought I was going to sleep in since we got home late but my body had other plans.  I was wide awake at 9am.  Courtney and I went to the mall later that day where I bought a dress and shirt.  Their mall here is huge!  We took the bus to her house and then I had to take the bus all the way to my house alone.  I have never taken public transportation all alone before so it was a little scary.  When I got on I wanted to double check with the bus driver that it was the right bus and he just started driving instead of answering me.  I was a little upset.  For dinner that night we had baked potatoes with melted cheese and salami.  It was AMAZING!!!
Sunday – Today we had a field trip to Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo.  I slept the whole way there.  It is a giant castle in the middle of nowhere.  Mt. St. Michel has about 500 steps that we had to go up without a break and without a handrail to hold on to.  Needless to say I was dripping sweat by the time we got up there.  It is the second most visited place in France by tourists which I had no idea of before then.  It was a neat thing but I could have gone without seeing it really.  Then we traveled another hour to Saint Malo which is a little town enclosed by a giant wall that you can walk on.  We walked around and saw the beach.  Then we ate crepes and had the most amazing ice cream. (which I had two giants scoops of).  We got home around ate and had frozen pizza.  It was amazing because I had been craving pizza for so long!!!!
Monday – I woke up and felt sick.  I went through about half the day and came home and laid down.  I’m starting to feel a little better but still feel flu like.  I hope I’m not getting sick.  Being sick in France would be the worst!

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