Saturday, September 4, 2010

Crazy French Kids

So the placement test….I didn’t do as good as I thought I did. You could score as high as a level 8 which meant you were really good or as low as a level one and that meant that you had never spoken French before. I scored a level 4. I was a little upset but I went to class and tried it out. I talked to other people in my class and some of them had only had three or four months while I on the other hand have spoken it for over eight years. By the end of the day we had only started going over the present tense. I have previously learned all the conjugations in the French language so I was a little upset and bored all day. I talked to my teacher and I have a meeting with the director of the school on Monday to change my class level. YAY!!

I really like school and the wide array of nationalities in the classes but the only bad thing about school is that we don’t get finished most days until 5pm. That feels like too much of a regular job to me. YECH! We get free meals at school for lunch even on the weekends which is really nice. We had a cold vegetable course, fish in a white sauce with white rice (which was really good and I normally don’t eat fish unless it comes in the form of sticks) and then goat cheese and fruit. Needless to say I didn’t eat the fruit but everything else was good. Then for dinner we had some kind of unidentifiable vegetable cup with a tomato sauce which I did not like at all and then we had grilled salmon (fish again!) and couscous. I am new to both couscous and grilled fish which amazed my family. I liked the couscous but was not so much about the fish but I ate most of it anyways because I was so hungry. Thankfully for desert we had ice cream and cereal. Odd combination but very good.

Later we went out to a bar. It had 3 euro drinks which included sex on the beach and peach beer (surprisingly good). Because it is the first week of classes for French students they are really exciting and make a scene everywhere they go. There were probably 150 new French college freshman singing very loudly and standing on chairs and crowd surfing all in the middle of the street. It was very odd to watch. Thank goodness that doesn’t happen to American students!!!!

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