Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dirty Feet

Today we had out first day of school which was really just an orientation and a placement test.  The test was pretty easy but the listening comprehension was kinda hard.  I am excited for the different field trips that we are going to take this month!

After the test, my ISU friends and I walked around the center of the town.  We ate some delicious pasta and ice cream! (good thing we were walking a lot!)  And then we got discount cards to ride the train all over Europe.  We did some shopping....A Sephora finally in a town that I live in, and they bought phones. When we finally got home from walking my feet were black because the streets were dirty, we did so much walking and I wore sandals.  They probably weren't the wisest choice but this way I had no blisters!  Being with my friends made the day better and made me feel not so alone.  

My computer broke and will only turn on when it feels like it and really only stays on for a couple minutes.  Luckily, my friend is letting me use her computer because she does not have internet at her house.

Tomarrow we find out what level classes we will be taking and it is my first official day of french school.  I will be sure to take lots of pictures of the inside on my school and of my new classmates.

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