Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping

Sleeping in a bed last night was nice instead of sleeping on a train or a plane but I went to bed at 11 and woke up and was wide awake at 5 with nothing to do. But then I slept from 7 to 9. I woke up and had chocolate milk and toast. (And my toast was not even French bread. I have not had one bite of French bread since I have been here. It has all been whole grain sliced bread….A little disappointing) I was very French today. I didn’t take a shower. Then my French mom and roommate and I went to a shopping mall which was huge. It had a “Wal-Mart” inside it. I got a hair dryer and straightener and some shampoo. France does not supply shopping bags to anyone unless you opt to buy a reusable bag…otherwise you are stuck carrying all your groceries. It’s a little harsh but a very good way to get people to go green I think. Then we went to “Kroger” and I bought some things to eat for lunch. I bought some ham, cheese (they don’t believe in sliced cheese…needless to say my sandwich had chunks of cheese on it.) and some crackers and Special K granola bars. (Yes, I know what you are thinking. This girl is in France and why the heck did she buy Special K granola bars?) I bought them because when I woke up last night my stomach was growling and it’s not like I can walk downstairs and make myself a snack…So the granola bars are hiding in my closet in case of a food emergency.

I walked around the city with my roommate and her friend that will go to my school here too. We walked for what seemed like forever but I got to see a lot of shops and where things are at. I also got to see my school. It looks like a fancy castle and is only a 5 minute walk from school. We walked around for over two hours I think and when we got back (because I did not wear appropriate shoes) I had huge blisters on my toes.

For dinner we ate an amazing 4 course meal. At the beginning we had what she called pork pate but it tasted and smelled like tuna salad (and as my momma says, “Tuna and chicken salad make everything better”) so I ate that on some bread. Then we had beef ravioli in a sweet tomato sauce which I had two helpings of. Then we had a French version of gruyere cheese and brie cheese and then she made a pear and almond tart (I of course picked out all the pears) with some vanilla ice cream. It was all delicious and I don’t think I am going to wake up hungry tonight thankfully but if I do….I have my hidden Special K bars!

Today was a better day than yesterday but the time change is still killing me. I was ready for bed around 4 today. I haven’t done anything exciting yet but I’m sure I will when school starts and we go on exciting field trips! I am a total geek but am excited for school to start.

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