Wednesday, August 25, 2010

50 pounds and 62 inches

Everyone overpacks. It’s just something inside all of us. We worry what if we need this or oh I might need that if this happens but then you only end up needing half the stuff you brought. Imagine the inside of your closet. (If you’re like me then it’s a little jam packed…especially with shoes) Now imagine all the clothes that you wear in a month or even just a week. Say 7 shirts for a week and 4 or 5 pair of bottoms, a pair or two of pajamas, and a couple outfits to work out in. When you think about it like this it doesn’t really doesn’t sound like a lot. When you take this week of clothes and multiply it by 16….it’s a little difficult to fit into a 62 inch suitcase that can weigh no more than 50 pounds. I know what you’re thinking…”What?! They’re not going to let this girl do any laundry?” No, they will let me do laundry once a week but still….being a typical girl I pack lots of clothes (and did I mention I have a whole other suitcase for my shoes?) Thankfully, my wonderful mother is a master at rolling my clothes up into little balls so they fit in the tiniest space, which means I will definitely have to learn the word for iron in French.

I feel very Carrie Bradshaw saying this second part like it would be something she would write about in her column. Doesn’t it feel like just when everything is going smooth and nice every once in a while that something has to come and break it apart? I’m totally not complaining about going to France, just that Chris and I haven’t fought in what seems like months and we are constantly finishing each other’s sentences (SUPER CHEESEY right?), I’m finally getting along with my sister for more than a day at a time (It’s a very love hate relationship), I’m closer with my dad and brother than I have been in a long time, my mom and stepdad are amazing and all that is about to be broken. I’m sure things will go back to being like this way when I get back from France but it would be nice for things to stay like this for just a little longer.  I just love them all so much.

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