Monday, August 30, 2010

The Longest Day

So I have been awake for 28 hours now. I woke up at 8 yesterday and had a wonderful last breakfast with my dad. I had my meltdown at the restaurant and while I was at home. Then I got all my stuff together and said goodbye to my sister. (Who is going to have a wonderful amazing school year by the way) It was a hard goodbye but she’s amazing. I also said goodbye to my grandparents which was hard but I will see them soon! On the way to the airport, my mom, Chris, Bill and I had some yummy last meal or Portillo’s hot dogs. I had my first cake shake. (It was AMAZING! Cake mixed into anything is heaven) We got to the airport and of course the lady at the check in counter said I could only have one other person not flying come through security with me. (Cue another meltdown) My mom came with me which meant I had to say goodbye to Bill and Chris right then. It was a tearful goodbye but I know that I will see them both soon. (I love you guys very much!) My mom and I walked to my gate where we met Patrick, another boy from ISU who is going to the same school in France that I am. When they called my zone to load the plane that is when the real water works started. I knew this would be the last time I would see anyone in my family for over 2 months. (Yes, I am a huge baby because I still live at home and didn’t go away to school. I like it that way but like I said, working on becoming an adult) I hugged my mom for a long time and being typical mommy she told me to use my pleases and thank yous, chew with my mouth closed and to not play with my hair at the dinner table. (I’ve obeyed all your rules so far mama) She packed a surprise key chain in my bag which made my cry even more and she wrote me a very encouraging note (which I needed).

I didn’t cry or have a panic attack when the plane took off (which is very unusual for me). There was an older French gentleman who told me all about Angers and told me useful information about the train station. Patrick and I got our bags and roamed around for what seemed like hours until we found the train (which gets much heavier by each ten minutes that you pull it….My hands have calluses) The train went fast but not as fast as I thought it would feel. (It supposedly goes 150 miles per hour). My French host mom was waiting to pick me up at the train station. She is very nice and pretty and speaks very good (but fast) French.

She showed me my room (pictures to come) and said I could rest and take a shower and get my things all put away. My room is divided into two parts. There is a part with my desk and a mirror and then another littler room that has my bed and an armoire. I took a shower and then came in my room and had another meltdown but then I put my big girl pants on, calmed myself down (also started talking to myself) and started to put my room together. It is starting to feel like home to me a little bit. They are hosting another girl at their house too. She is very nice and has helped me find things or explain things to me. She speaks French very well so I have some catching up to do. They have a nice pool in their back yard with amazing trees and flowers. They have a dog named Mozart, a little white Scottie, who is 15 but he still runs outside. I sat outside for a little bit and enjoyed the weather. (It is 70 here and windy which makes it a big chilly, even with jeans and a light sweater on and I LOVE it!)

School doesn’t start until the 2nd of September so I have a few days to find the things I need and work on my French. Wish me lots of luck and write me letters!

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  1. So glad you got there safe!!! When Lindsay went to Mexico she was so upset and sad and in a week she owned the place that will be you!!! I am sorry I did not get to see you before you left, please forgive me!!! I love you girl and so proud of you.
    Love , Aunt Stacy