Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bitter Sweet

Lots to update since my last post.  I did not go to Brussels when I said I was going to.  It sounded fun but not 300 Euros just to get there fun so I changed my mind.  I did go to Porto, Portugal though with 4 other girls.  Getting there was quite an adventure.  Me and one other girl had to take a later train into Paris because we had a job interview.  We took the train and then had to sprint to the metro, ride 5 stops, sprint and switch metros, ride 8 more stops, get off and spring to the bus that was going to take us to the airport.  We had to look crazy to everyone else there because I have never seen anyone else run like we did in the metro.  We made it to the bus with no time to spare.  He was starting to pull away right as we ran up there.  Thankfully we made it on time and safe to Portugal.   We stayed in a hostel (which was my first time) but it was wonderful.  We had our own room and there was a kitchen and living room and dining room and the workers were very helpful.  We went on a four hour walking tour which seemed like it was all uphill but was amazing.  We saw so much and our guide was very helpful.  (After the crazy running we did on Friday and then the tour on Saturday, my legs were sore - And I walk everywhere now - so it was a little crazy that my legs were sore)  We also ate this amazing sandwich (which is a specialty of the town we stayed in).  It was two thick slices of bread, ham, hamburger patties, sausage, and cheese all grilled together and then topped with a fried egg and spicy beer sauce.  It was delicious and huge.  (I’ll post a picture later)  We got home Monday afternoon after sleeping in the airport and had to go straight to class (after wearing clothes for over 36 hours), I’m sure we all smelled and looked wonderful. 
I had school Monday and Tuesday and then was supposed to on Wednesday but didn’t go but with a good reason.  I was going to pick up my mom, step-dad and sister.  I needed to see them.  We joked and laughed and did all the silly things we usually do when we are together that I haven't had a chance to do in a long time.  I laughed more than I have in a long time.  We spent two days in my town and saw the castle in my town and shopped a little bit and ate lots and lots of bread and pastries and ham and butter sandwiches.  I pretty much live in the land of ham, butter and cheese.  We went to the mall too.  Then we spent two days in Paris.  We visited the outside of all the major sights and went inside the Catacombs which were really neat to see.  I loved having them here but it was kind of a bitter sweet.  I was excited to finally hug someone since I left home and show them my home here but saying goodbye was really really hard.  I’m a big baby right now who needs her mom.  Aren’t we all?
33 days left.  That’s it.  It has absolutely flown by.  I love it here but don’t think I could stay here for a whole year.  Chris comes in 6 days and my grandparents come the 2nd of December for a couple days.  For Thanksgiving there are rumors that my school serves Thanksgiving dinner which will be nice but again will be a bitter sweet because Thanksgiving is meant to be spent with family – but the other kids here have become my family away from home. 

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